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SubspaceLand video – The narrow ridge

This fine day we have yet another SubspaceLand video for you to enjoy. This time the master went on a outing downtown to the bars. Who knows maybe he’ll be able to find some more submissive women to add to his little harem. Well he didn’t find any fresh “recruits” but he did stumble upon one of his ladies flirting with some other guys. So this is what she was doing when she kept excusing herself every night for the past week. Well she was in for some serious punishment back home. But little did the guy know that this hottie was actually eager for a good fucking.

It was all part of her plan to be caught by him. She always enjoys getting punished and the harder the better. So when she returned the guy bound her and fucked her hard style at tonight. You just have to see him as he ties her to a chair and just puts his big and hard cock in her eager mouth. When he’s done face fucking her, he goes to her ass and pussy and starts fucking her tight holes as well. So enjoy seeing this horny woman being fucked hard core in this Subspace Land update today guys. Check out the past updates as well, you won’t regret it.

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SubspaceLand videos – Bad attitude

We promised you some SubspaceLand videos and we’re here to deliver. As you might remember we also said that wed bring you very hot women getting punished for their bad deeds in every extreme bondage scene. Well we think we kept true to that claim now wouldn’t you say so? Today we continue that tradition and just in case you aren’t familiar with the scenes yet, you can see allot of women getting their just treatments for acting naughty in every one of our galleries. Be them videos or pictures. This naughty lady found it funny to play a joke on her master.

And that’s her story on how she ended up in this Subspace Land scene. Suffice to say her master didn’t like her little sense of humor so she found herself bound and tied up with her legs in the air, while the guy was having his way with her slutty little cunt. Watch her getting finger fucked while she’s tied upside down for your viewing pleasure today. We hope you enjoyed your stay as always and we’re reminding you to check back next week for more.

Cry baby Cry scene

Another fresh week and time for one more SubspaceLand update. This time we have a very sexy hottie with shoulder length hair getting punished for her bad deeds today. Her master ordered her to change the position of the library room ladder since the morning but she kept avoiding the chore. Well since she didn’t listen to him it was time for the guy to pull out the big guns and teach her that some things aren’t going to fix themselves. And how did he do that exactly? Well you’ll get to see soon enough. Also we’ll have the SubspaceLand videos ready for next week.

Well in order to punish her thoroughly he bonded her to the same ladder that she was suppose to move. And he intends to take advantage of that tight cunt while she’s all tied up as well. He pulls back on her hair as he whips out his big cock, and starts to prod around her pussy and ass teasing her. But he himself can’t resist anymore so he just sinters his dick into her cunt balls deep. Watch this sexy woman getting fucked while she’s tied to the ladder in this superb Subspace Land update today. As always we hope you enjoyed and see you next week. Cum inside and find similar videos and picture galleries. Enjoy!


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SubspaceLand – Fucked in the attic

This week SubspaceLand comes back once more with another superb gallery update. Today we have another little naughty slut that overstepped her bounds while she was back talking to her master. If you know one thing by now it’s that these guys always know how to discipline the naughty little women when they get too full of themselves. And case in point even today with this slutty little hottie, the guy took her to his attic where he keeps all of his BDSM fetish equipment that’s always aching to be sued on a very naughty body. Let’s hope that she learns her lesson after this.

Unless she likes it rough in which case you might find her in some of our SubspaceLand videos very soon. But we digress. As the scene starts the guy binds her hands to a collar secured to her throat so that she doesn’t have too much freedom of movement. Then you get to see him plant his cock in her mouth so that she may have something stuffed in that potty mouth of hers. And wouldn’t you know it this dirty woman soon started to enjoy the cock sucking, even going as far starting to deep throat that big cock of her master. Enjoy the Subspace Land update guys and bye bye!


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Subspace Land – Sensitive Game

In today’s Subspace Land update you’ll get to see just how this master treats his female sex slaves when they misbehave. This naughty little slut found herself ignoring her chores, and her master wasn’t pleased with her. And when he confronted her she even dared to talk back to him in a very rude manner. Well no worries the guy has all the treatment that she needs to revise her behavior. Just like many of his other chantasbitches, she’s gotten herself dragged to the basement and all tied up so she can’t move while the guy disciplines her slutty body.

Head on over to and see this beauty finger fucked today for your viewing pleasure. This event called for swift action, so the guy didn’t even bother to get her undressed from her very sexy red lingerie outfit. He just tied her up and left her hanging while he was having his fun touching her all over her body. Watch him make his way to her pussy and see him rubbing her cunt before inserting his fingers inside to give her a hard style finger fucking that she won’t soon forget. Hopefully this sexy woman learnt her lesson for today.


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The slutty slave

Once more SubspaceLand makes another return. And this time we have one slutty brunette with long hair that’s due for some rough punishment today. She dared to cheat on her master and so she’s got to pay now. She never though that he’d find put about her little escapade with one of his buddies, but he did. And he did so right from the guy that fucked her. Well suffice to say that in this gallery you’ll get to see this naughty SubspaceLand beauty getting her body punished for her infidelity. And you just have to see the way her master went about it all.

Since she’s so slutty and eager for things to fuck her pussy, he lifts one of her legs up and ties it up like that with some rope while the rest of her body is suspended in the same manner. But this way she’s have her legs spread wide open to represent just how slutty and and easy of a woman she is. So without due, sit back and watch as the guy takes his time teasing her and caressing her body. And then watch him making his way to her eager pussy which he starts to finger fast and hard. And just as she’s about to cum he stops. Now that’s some true Subspace Land punishment. Check out website and find similar content!


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SubspaceLand – Tied and fucked

This week SubspaceLand returns with another hot and sexy update. We bring you today Ania, a very sexy blonde but with a very bad attitude. She keeps on insisting to talk back and be defiant towards her master so he just had to do something about it today. He loves her allot so he couldn’t bear to just leave her, but he did have to do something about her rotten attitude. So he came up with this superb plan to take her down to the basement and tie her all up, and have his way with her cunt while she shouldn’t do one damn thing about it.

So without further dues, sit back and enjoy seeing this great video update and watch this superb blonde tied and fucked to a vertical device while her master gets to have his fun with her. Now she’ll get to see when happens when she bad mouths her master. Watch as the guy delivers some light flogging on her to start things off and then see her as she gets her legs spread wide open so that the dude may have easy access to that naughty cunt. Enjoy watching him as he fucks her hard style while she’s all tied up. WE hope you enjoyed your stay guys and we’ll see you again next week with more hardtied women getting it rough!


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Enslaved Seduction scene

Once again SubspaceLand makes a return with another sexy lady that gets all secured to a table and taken advantage of. She herself said that she never tried BDSM before and we were more than happy to oblige, so we acquainted her with one of our BDSM masters that will take her body for a wild ride today. She was very curious about the thing , since she always heard that some people like it, because it’s so rough, and the feeling that they’re just not in control of the sex session, simply turns them on. So let’s get this Subspace Land show started shall we guys?

As she meets the guy, he tells her what’s going to be going down and how she’s going to be tied up and unable to move allot when he’s going to be getting playful with her eager holes. Naturally the lady was a bit scared at the beginning but you’ll see that she quickly got past her fears and started to enjoy the whole thing quite allot. So sit back and watch her ass and pussy getting toyed with while she can’t move one inch. And see her moan in pleasure throughout this whole SubspaceLand pics update. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next week with even more.


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Subspace Land – Crying Orgasm

Hey there once again guys. It’s another fresh week and we bring you one more Subspace Land to enjoy today. For this one the master has seemed to have invented a new type of contraption that he can use to discipline his naughty underlings. And he found just the right moment to put it to good use as another one of his mistresses has been acting out today. So he takes her to the basement like he does with all of his naughty subjects, and ties her up all nicely in his new SubspaceLand fucking machine. Let’s see how the woman will get disciplined today.

As the scene starts you can get to see the brunette in the process of being tied up to the contraption, as her master enjoys every moment of it. When she’s all nicely secured, he pulls out the big and hard metal dildo that he’ll use on her pussy to discipline her tonight. He always likes to start off slow when he gets to play with some pussies, but he soon starts fucking her cunt fast and hard with the toy as you will see. And he continues to do so in these SubspaceLand videos as the woman moans and moans. For a great finish you get to see her orgasm so hard that she’s brought to tears by the pleasure. If you liked this video update and you wanna find similar content, come inside blog. Until next time!


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SubspaceLand – Bound Motion

For this SubspaceLand update we have another horny and naughty lady getting her just punishment. She dared to talk back to her master and because of that, she now has to pay the price, be all bound up and fucked back into submission. Everything happened earlier when the guy asked her to behave while some guests were present, but this naughty woman just wouldn’t have it. So with that we have this fresh Subspace Land bondage vids update for you to see this time. You’ll get to see what naughty ladies get for being disobedient.

Her master does one good job of tying her all up so that she can’t move. HE wants ease of access to her behind and since she’s usually raunchy, this way she just couldn’t do anything to escape. So he has her all tied up and bent over in a very nice doggie style positions. You just have to see the dude working on that naughty cunt today guys. Watch as he fucks her faster and harder from behind while she’s helplessly suspended and swinging from the things that she’s attached to. In the end you can bet she enjoyed every moment of the rough treatment. We’ll see you next week with some SubspaceLand videos guys.


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